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About Us

Eyelook is a telecommunications company that provides internet access and other services in the ICT sector particularly in rural areas and the underserved communities as our priority. We understand that not every South African has efficient reception of internet coverage and not everyone can afford it.

We at Eyelook Telecom have taken the task to step in and resolve this issues because we realize that everybody deserves the right to internet access so that they all benefit from being part of the global society regardless of their living standards.

We have formed vital partnerships to ensure that this dream becomes a reality of making broadband access available to the ordinary and the underserved people and also making it affordable. This warms our hearts to see so many doors of opportunities opening to ordinary South Africans and for them to take advantage of to empower, equip and to inform themselves through various platforms created by internet access.

Empowering South Africans

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Vibrant team

Why Us?

Our team is made up of vibrant young men and women, who have University qualifications and have previously worked in their respective industries of their duties.
Together with local communities, royal houses, local municipalities and local businesses; all of us working together can bring enormous improvement to many lives of community members that were previously disenfranchised.






Only in Sekhukhune district
Our existing infrastructure only covers Jane Furse, Mamone, Ga Moloi, Ga molepane, Ga Tisane, Ga Moretsela and Mokwete. Please contact us for any enquiries should you need business with us.

We can reach even the most rural areas